06 July, 2011

Colour In Dress

I always wished I could have a dress with prints and patterns and colours that I want instead of what everyone has. So, this colour-in dress created by fashion designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Michiel Schuurman is temptation in a box.

This inventive outfit comes in an intricate and detailed black and white fabric that can be worn as it is or filled in with an array of colours. 

According to Berber, the knee-length, 1960s-style dress is ideal for women when they "don't know what to wear" because with a bit of creativity they can create what ever they want.

The Colour-In Dress with black and white is designed to fill with coloured textile markers.

As the print is so flexible, you can make many different designs by colouring it and everybody can interpret the print the way they like it best. This concept make it possible that the cloth is partly designed by the person who wears it, and makes them more valuable.

It allows women to own a dress to compliment any of their accessories, moods, thoughts and creativity.

Berber says, "Life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time – I translate these endless possibilities in my design.The result is a reaction to the rapidly changing fashion. The dress will be unique."

Michiel, who designed the fabric, said: "I think it's a party dress. It's a huge conversation piece." 

The dresses that cost about £250, come with a set of textile markers to colour in the fabric and can be bought online.

Nathan Branch, a freelance communications consultant has beautifully blogged how he got the dress, how it looked as the proccess of colouring it progressed and finally how it looked when it was worn.

Though the process of colouring the dress looks tedious... the end result is just amazing. Definitely worth spending the fifty hours that it look to make this dress look the way it does.

 This unique dress despite being colourful, manages to look calm and reflective. Amazing!

Like Berber's Fragment Dress, the Colour In Dress is a treat to the owner of the dress... with its unique sensibility and personal appeal.

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