05 July, 2011

A Unique Breakfast

Who doesn't love cereals... and when their packaging is fun, bring on the bowls, I say!

To commemorate the royal wedding, a limited edition Royal Breakfast cereal was made. There were two kinds - Royal Breakfast Special Kate's and Wills' Royal O's, to mark the nuptials.


Airbed & Brekfast, a website that matches travellers with bed and breakfasts, made 1,000 boxes of cereal, 500 Obama O's and 500 Cap'n McCain's during the elections of 2008. The Obama O's cereal promised that there was "Hope in every bowl," while Cap'n McCain's insisted that they got "A maverick in every bite." Cute.


Over the years, we have had innumerable novelty cereal boxes. Some of my picks are here.


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  1. This was a lot of fun! I loved this post. I feel like gifting these to a friend of mine who loves cereal and keeps buying new ones every time she sees one.