02 July, 2011

Design Your Own Dress

Imagine a garment that can be worn in multiple ways... you buy one set and you can design and redesign and redesign them without ever coming close to a sewing machine. Actually, you no longer have to imagine them.

Dutch designers Berber Soepboer and Fioen van Balgooi of Refinity have developed a click/fold system for garments which can simply be constructed by clicking together pieces of fabrics. Because of this it is possible to wash or replace the parts separately. And....it is made of C2C wool flannel which not only don't fray but are also eco-friendly!!


From the pictures, the idea seems inspired. You can make dresses, skirts, shorts, pants.... pretty much what you feel like.


In its basic form, they are essentially two small forms - Squares and Stars, that can be put together with more of the same kind creating a fabric. Both forms have small slices, which gives them the possibility to click in each other and hold. 


This Fragments collection conforms to cradle-to-cradle standards of creating the absolute minimum amount of waste. Beginning with colorful zero-impact felt (that do not fray!), these pieces are puzzles created from shapes that can be cut with hardly any fabric waste. In addition, the pieces are constructed using small tabs instead of stitching, allowing them to be reconfigured for novelty value and maintained by replacing only the necessary pieces in the event of damage or excessive wear.

These designs are not currently available for purchase... but with this amazing garment that is colorful and customizable and that lets you decide how long, short, wide or thin your outfit should be – no sewing necessary, the concept is definitely fashionable and at the same time eco-friendly. It is only a matter of time before these garments are easily available... like Lego blocks!

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