29 July, 2011


The most Unique McDonald's store ... Montfort McDonald's in North Dallas, Texas. It's shaped like a Happy Meal and the drive through is like a ride at Disneyland complete with lights in the ground and a planetarium over your car.

My favourite burger... McDonald's McVeggie. I have been croving for them for over a year now. I have not found them in any McDonald's in the UK which is a pity. Its crazy that the most sold burgers here in UK are the beef burgers. Apparently, consuming 100 billion McDonald’s beef burgers versus McVeggie burgers would provide, approximately, on average, an additional 550 million pounds of saturated fat and 1.2 billion total pounds of fat, as well as 1 billion fewer pounds of fiber, 660 million fewer pounds of protein, and no difference in calories. So, don't you think its time people started making McVeggie around here??


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