14 June, 2011

Keep them Cropped

My latest obsession this summer is the cropped tees... especially the crochet cropped tees. They are so cute!! Found a ton of them online... its as if everyone is making and selling them. They would be so perfect over a top or a bikini.


I quite adore this Karley Crochet Crop Top (left). I would like to make a version of this. I am not sure if this will suit normal body people but who cares... its damn cute. I had been to New Look this week... and this top (right) looks as good in real as it does in the picture... and they are pretty inexpensive! It also comes in an orange colour, which is nice as well... but this blue is quite different and more fresh.


For a more brand conscious person, this Alexander Wang Fringed Crop Top (left) is the perfect option. A more feminine version is this ZOO crochet top (right). Love the lace in this one. The long sleeve on this one will look great on any sleeveless vest.


A completely different take on the cropped top, is this ASOS crochet vest (left). Love the colour and feel of the vest. This Floral Crop Top (right) is another favourite. Quirky and different. Its a perfect blend of fabric and crochet.


Cropped tops are very 70s for me... and I just love the 70s look on these two cropped tops. The ASOS cropped vest (left) is one of the few tops I liked with fringed edges while the dual tone of the vintage Dreamcatcher crochet top (right) is so perfect for that lazy sunday outing.


A little longer versions of the cropped tops are these two tops in lace. While the Awake Coture crochet top (left) is more simple the Nasty Gal top (right) is more funky with its fancy back. 


Finally, for the more sexier versions of the cropped top. The Foxy House cropped top (left) is shorter than most tops and its edges are so beautifully cut out. With a more intricate crochet work, we have the Open Crochet Poncho (right). The ribbed sleeves and the wavy pattern makes this top one of my favourites.

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