14 June, 2011

Golden Hands

One of my favourite things of my childhood that I miss the most now is my mum's Golden Hand books. I used to spend hours and hours just looking at them. I learnt so much from those books... I remember making so many cross stitch wall hangings, TV covers, bags, crochet, doll dresses...

A lot of my school crafts projects found their inspirations in these books. My granny used to help me decipher some of the tricks given in these books. There were pages inbetween called special collector's items... so beautiful and inspiring they were.

I think there were a set of 18 books for embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing among others. Also, there were some additional crochet pattern books that came as a complimentary gift, I think.

Even today, when I go to my mum's place, I love looking at these books, to find some crazy project, that takes a lot of time to make, that you can find a cheaper version anywhere... but it gives me a kind of satisfaction... that I made it.

I think, these books had a huge hand in helping me be the creative person that I am today.

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