22 July, 2011

No More Ginny

The Harry Potter saga has almost come to an end... but it is a little difficult to let go so easily. Emma Watson is easily the most famous among the girls closesly followed by Clémence Poésy with all her Gossip Girl, 127 Hours and other bit roles...but I really like Bonnie Wright. I remember her in the very first Harry Potter movie as Ginny Weasely, she was so very young! And how she grew with each movie....


But this was Bonnie way back then. Now she has grown... and how! Take a look at her in recent times and well... she ain't Ginny no more.

While we are taking of transformations, how did Neville Longbottom turn to into a hunk!!??!!

If this isn't magic... then what is! Matthew Lewis totally looks like a GQ cover potential! Guess he was more attentive in Snape's potion class than we all thought, eh?

1 comment:

  1. My my! I always thought Ginny was a really beautiful child but seeing her in these photos is pretty mind blowing! And I would like to take a class or two with Snape after seeing Neville!