02 April, 2012

Random | Nail Food

They say that nails are the reflection of our overall health or nutritional deficiencies.

Want to know what your nails are saying? If they are...
...brittle, concave, ridged, white half moons you have Iron/Protein/Calcium Deficiency.
...external fibrous growths means you are eating too much salt.
...pale nail beds means you are anemic.
...yellowish discoloration indicated you are having bronchial difficulties.
...peeling nails is a sign of Vitamin A deficiency.
...poor nail growth means you have zinc deficiency and so on.

So, when I realized just by looking at my nails others could get a look inside my system... I knew I had to take precautionary action! So, in my monthy Oriflame buys, I added the Oriflame nail food.

It has been a couple of months since I am using it, and I must say, the product is good.

They say it revitalises and restores weak nails... I think its does. My nails were a little weak and brittle. I have noticed that, whenever I use the nail food, my nails hardly break off on their own. Surely, a good sign.

They say it has nourishing natural berry oils. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbed... Well, it is non-greasy. And maybe it does absorb quickly; but my problem with it is, it does not absorb completely.

All in all, it makes nails smooth and strong. So definetely a good buy!

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