19 June, 2011

Hot Obssession - Pink Jeans

Isabel Marant's Spring 2011 collection has sparked off one of the hottest trends this season - the super hot pink jeans. I am so completely drooling over them.

Maybe on the runway it looks like it is catering to a very pop culture, Britney Spears audience, but one look at the campaign photos featuring Gisele... I dunno how anyone cannot fall for them!


The pastel pinks are my favourites... they seem to capture the summer perfectly...

If you still need some convincing, let me tell you that everyone who is anyone is wearing them, from Rachel Bilson to Cameron Diaz, from Katy Perry to Sarah Jessica Parker.

There are some pretty fierce looks from fashion blogger in this trend as well. People are sporting shorts, skinnies, crop jeans and what not in every pink possible.

Guess its time to get my own pair... afterall life is too short to not wear a pink jeans!

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