28 May, 2011

The White Lace Skirt

During a recent visit to the local fabric shop, I got a meter of beautiful white lace in the left over pieces... and I had to have it. Since it was just around a meter, i figured I'll make a skirt... something about a white lace skirt is so elegant, fun and girly.

There are quite a few inspirations for the white skirt on the net.

Love the white skirt of the left from House of Fraser... smart and sophisticated, while the ASOS on the right is fun and flirty.

There are some amazing stuff on Lookbook as well. Something about the skirt below is so fresh... and I love how they look with a shirt!

The skirt below is more the kind I love... very clean and smart. The unfinished hem adds to the overall look and love it being teamed with something so tailored.

But when you think lace, it needs to be a little girly and a little flirty... and the skirt below is a bit of both.

My only problem is, white is a tricky colour - it can very easily be see through. Now all I need to do is come up with a design and pattern for my white lace skirt.

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